Puffy mdocml = mandoc — UNIX manpage compiler — current version 1.13.4 (July 14, 2016)

The mandoc UNIX manpage compiler toolset

mandoc is a suite of tools compiling mdoc, the roff macro language of choice for BSD manual pages, and man, the predominant historical language for UNIX manuals. It is small, ISO C, ISC-licensed, and quite fast. The main component of the toolset is the mandoc utility program, based on the libmandoc validating compiler, to format output for UNIX terminals (with support for wide-character locales), HTML 5, PostScript, and PDF.

mandoc has predominantly been developed on OpenBSD and is both an OpenBSD and a BSD.lv project. We strive to support all interested free operating systems, in particular FreeBSD, NetBSD, DragonFly, illumos, Minix 3, and GNU/Linux, as well as all systems running the pkgsrc portable package build system. To support mandoc development, consider donating to the OpenBSD foundation.


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