mandoc-tools – tools for searching and retrieving UNIX manuals

This code has been deprecated and will no longer be maintained here. Its functionality has been folded into mandoc version 1.12.1 and upward.


mandoc-tools is a set of ISC-licensed tools for searching and retrieving UNIX manuals, primarily those in the mdoc language. These interface with the mandoc tools for parsing, searching, and rendering manuals. mandoc-tools consists of the following systems.


This utility augments the traditional apropos with full semantic awareness. It is basically a command-line version of mandoc.cgi. It has the following features:

The manual for this utility is available as apropos.


This is a CGI application for web-based querying and rendering of UNIX manuals. mandoc.cgi has the following features:

This project is not yet suitable for generic deployments, as development is still quite inflexible.


The mandoc-tools sources are in plain-old ANSI C and should build and run on any UNIX system. However, the system has four compile-time dependencies:

Moreover, an installation of mandoc is a run-time dependency for mandoc.cgi. The /usr/local/bin/mandoc path is hard-coded.


Current source mandoc-tools.tar.gz (md5)


For all issues related to mandoc-tools, contact Kristaps,


16-12-2011: version 0.1.5

Project is deprecated: all components merged into mandoc.

Copyright © 2011 Kristaps Dzonsons, $Date: 2011/12/16 12:49:52 $